Monday, 20 July 2015

Children and Youth: Give us education on the effects of Artisanal and Small scale- mining

By Chacha  Marwa Ryoba – Voices of North Mara Youth
  The is a need to for relevant stakeholders to conduct  awareness campaign  against negative effects  caused by Artisanal and Small -scale mining activities on youth and children living in  seven villages  surrounding North  Mara Gold Mine.
  The suggestion was made here yesterday by a number of children and youth found engaging in artisanal and small scale mining activities.
“Many children and youth are not aware of the dangers associated with ASM. They need to be educated through meetings and seminars “, several children and youth told the Voices of North Mara Youth.
  They also insisted that they are ready to go back to school if they get support of fees and other requirements from well wishers.
  Most of the youth and children seen searching gold sand  on risk environment here are reportedly  coming from seven villages of Nyangoto, Nyakunguru, Kewanja, Nyamwaga, Matongo, Genkuru and Kerende .

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